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About Us

canyon-mishka-mtwarcloud-blackagouti-siberian husky-giantalaskanmalamute-

We are a family owned hobby breeder of AKC registered giant Alaskan Malamutes and AKC registered Agouti Siberian Huskies. Our property is located on many wooded acres of rolling hills. We overlook the Piscasaw creek where we spend a lot of our time socializing and enjoying our dogs.  We love the wild looks of the Agouti gene and breed for a very wolf-like appearance in our Huskies. Our giant Alaskan Malamutes are bred for temperament, health, and size. We strive for big bear heads and large bone structure that give a captivating appearance. Both breeds are involved in obedience classes and some will continue on to be therapy dogs. Both breeds are amazing gifts and have so much to offer as a lifelong companion.

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